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Bridger CrossFits member of the Month is Mr March.. Lucas! Lucas has been with Bridger CrossFit since Sept 2013. He occasionally takes weeks off at a time to train for events like 6 Spartan Races, The Ridge Run and a few half marathons, all of which he has completed with great success! Lucas enjoys coming for an early morning workout followed by some lifting during Open Gym in the evenings. If you want a good workout, come join Lucas! We are so thrilled to have “Mr. March” a part of out wonderful Community!


Todays Workout:

Squat Snatch Practice

8×3 w/3 second Pause at bottom

Light and for form


8 Min. AMRAP:

5 Snatches 115/75#

10 Pull-Ups

20 Lateral Jumps


Endurance WOD:

Descending Rowing Intervals:

2000m Row

5 Minute Rest

1000m Row

3 Minute Rest

750m Row

2.5 Minute Rest

500m Row

2 Minute Rest

250m Row

1 Minute Rest

100m Row

Complete 15 Burpees during each Rest period.  The intensity of the row should increase with each interval.

Well done on Open WOD 15.1 and 15.1a, everyone!  Please be sure to submit your scores by 5 P.M. Pacific Time tonight for them to count.

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