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We should all strive to be as happy as Allison is all the time!

As a coach and trainer, one of my favorite things in the world is seeing members who truly enjoy coming to the gym.  I love this for many reasons.  Happy people spread their happiness with those around them.  Your enthusiasm, positivity, and energy are infectious to people inside and outside of the gym.  Secondly, if you enjoy coming to the gym you’re much more likely to stick with it and keep yourself healthy.  Adherence to your exercise regimen is only one part of your overall health, but finding a way to make that fun is important.  Thirdly, you regenerate my spirit daily by coming in and smiling, high-fiving, telling your peers about your successes, forming friendships with your classmates, and being the positive people that you are.

I am excited to come to the gym daily to help you all reach your fitness goals.  It is more satisfying than you know to see your smiling faces every day.  I love having the opportunity to help each and every one of you better yourselves however I can, and I am always looking for more ways to help.  Also, please always remember that you are beautiful!

Today’s Workout: 

Jerk Strength Cycle (Clean and Jerk)

3 @ 75%, 3 @ 80%, 3 @ 85%, 2 @ 90%, 2 @ 95% of your 1 Rep Max Jerk


8 Minute AMRAP:

5 Power Cleans 135/95#

10 Lunges 135/95#

15 Lateral Jumps

Join us tonight for another FREE Comp WOD!  Coach Brittney will be whipping the quit out of you!

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Thanks to Coach Eric for this awesome WOD today! Todays Workout: 23 Minute AMREP with ascending reps: Front Squat 185/130# Lateral Burpees   REMEMBER ONLY 1 CLASS TOMORROW 9AM FOR MEMORIAL DAY!    


Anyone else’s cheeks burn when you’re on a rower for any amount of time? Today’s Workout:  Partner WOD 18 Rounds for Time: Alternate each round One partner Rows 250m While other partner completes 5 Thrusters 95/65# and 10 Lunges 95/65#

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  Todays Workout: Tabata Sled Push 90/0# Added 1 Min. Rest Tabata Strict Dumb Bell Press 30/20# 1 Min. Rest Tabata Toes to Bar 1 Min. Rest Tabata Wall Ball 20/14# 10/9′ 1 Min. Rest Tabata Russian Seated Twist w/Wall

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