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This picture looks like a step-by-step of how to get to the bottom of your burpees for today!

We get to find out how mentally tough you are today.  We will be doing 100 burpees for time, which isn’t anywhere near as difficult as it sounds… I promise!  All you have to do is pick a steady pace and stick to it.  You’ll be done in 5-8 minutes, and you’ll feel like the biggest B-A to ever live!  We will be doing this first, which means it will warm us up for the lifting component – weighted ring dips.  This is where your mental toughness will come in.  Come test yourself today!

Today’s Workout: 

100 Burpees for Time


10 Minute EMOM:

3 Weighted Ring Dips each Minute at Max Weight Possible

Competitor’s Add-On: 

10 Minute EMOM:

3 Banded Floor Press each Minute at Max Weight Possible

Let’s see if anyone can go under 5 minutes for the 100 burpees today… I’d be thoroughly impressed!

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