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Don’t you love seeing Wall Balls in the workout?!

Today’s workout should be incredibly hard!  I realize that’s nothing new for you people, but I’ll explain what I mean.  Obviously the Front Squat cycle will be hard because of the volume and weights involved.  I’m referring to the 12 Minute EMOM though.  This will be a deceivingly hard EMOM if you put your all into it.  Those 3 Wall Climbs may not seem like much to some of you veterans, but that minute also gives you the chance to rest up for another extremely intense minute of Wall Balls.  Each minute should be treated as a completely separate workout into which you put 60 seconds of nonstop work.  We still have beautiful snow piles outside of both doors if you need to paint it with some of your last meal today.  This is going to be great!

Today’s Workout: 

Front Squat Cycle

6 @ 70%, 6 @ 75%, 6 @ 80%, 4 @ 85%, 3 @ 90%, 6 @ 75%


12 Minute EMOM:

1.  3 Wall Climbs

2.  Max Rep Wall Balls 30/20#

(Score is total Wall Balls)

Endurance WOD: 

Fight Gone Bad Style (1 Minute Max Reps at each Station – 5 Rounds)

Double Unders

Russian Seated Twists 25/15#

Air Squats

Sled Push 90/45″ Added


(No scores on this one due to the inconsistency of the scoring methods – You get out what you put in.)

Competitor’s Add-On: 

20 Rope Climbs – as many legless as possible

You’re pretty cool!

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