Today's Workout


We have a handful of athletes and coaches participating in the Bozemans Half Marathon on Sept 13. If you are interested contact Natalie or Eric! We would love to have you join us! :)
Todays Workout:

Back Squat Cycle – 8 @ 60%, 8 @ 65%, 8 @ 70%, 8 @ 75%


Fight Gone Bad Style (1 Min. Each Station)

Abmat Sit-Ups

KBS 53/35#

Plyo Push-Ups 45/25# Plate Targets


Endurance WOD:

6 Rounds for Time:

400m Run

100′ Walking Lunge

100′ Broad Jump

Competitor Add-On:

POSE Running Drills 1 Mile Run TT4 Minute Rest1 Mile Run TT4 Minute Rest1 Mile Run TT6 x 400m Ruck

  1. 50# DB’s
  2. 70# KB
  3. 95# Bar
  4. 45# Plate
  5. 20# Wall Ball Overhead

6. 25+ lb. vest/pack

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