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Great Job Barbee! Today’s Workout: Skin the cats Then: AMREP in 12 min: 1000m row 30 Thrusters 95#/65# Max rep T2B


  We are excited to announce TODAY, THIS WEEK Coach Eric will start coaching at BCF!!! He is also taking his CrossFit Endurance Cert THIS WEEKEND!! YAHOO! Who is excited for CROSSFIT ENDURANCE Classes?!! Please comment on this post or

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Lucas Hunts for his meat.. so does Coach Zach… OR.. if you are not into Hunting your own game you can try this! We are excited to introduce Yellowstone Grassfed Beef wants to supply meat for our CrossFitters! please let

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  What exactly is “Death by”???…. Well death by is exactly what it sounds like…DEATH! Go till you can’t go anymore! Death by goes a little something like this. 1st minute=1rep. 2nd minute=2 reps. 3rd minute=3reps…..on and on until your

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Have you met Tawny? She is a beast! Not only is she fast, she is very strong! Who thinks they can beat Tawny in today’s WOD?! Today’s Workout: For time: 100 Double Unders 80 Air Squats 60 Sit ups 40

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  Todays Workout: 2 Rep max Thruster then: “FRAN” 21-15-9 Thrusters 95#/65# Pull-ups   we will complete Fran in 2 heats so everyone has a judge!  


LETS SPEND AS MUCH TIME OUTSIDE BEFORE THIS WHITE STUFF STICKS! Todays Workout: Back Squat 5×3@85% then: 3 Rounds for time: 400m Run 21 Pull ups 12 Power Cleans 135#/95#  


HAPPY 5k ROW! At the end of last month we did a max distance row in 25 minutes. Today we will do a 5k row for time, come in today and see if you can beat your time/distance from last month!

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  Todays Workout: Press:                                                       Push Press: 1×8@65%                                                 1×5@70% 1×8@70%                                                 1×5@75% 1×6@80%                                                 1×5@80% 1×6@85%                                                

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  Partner Angie: For Time: 100 Pull-ups 100 Push-ups 100 Air Squats Work with a partner. Break the reps up into ten rounds and divvy them up evenly. One partner does 10 of each exercise while one partner jumps rope.

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BIRD IN A PERCH ANYONE???!!! Come in today with your pal and we might just get to play! Today’s Workout: With your partner complete the following! 800m Run 200 Air Squats 100 Push ups 200 Walking Lunges 100 Ring Rows

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BRING YOUR FRIEND TODAY, TOMORROW, AND SUNDAY! Today’s Workout: “Mini FGB” 3 Rounds 2 minutes at each station (1min/partner) Wallball 20#/14# Pushpress 75#/55# Box jumps 20″ SDHP 75#/55# Row          


Nichole from Pukies bash 2010! Todays Workout: 3 Position Snatch then: 4 Rounds for time: 5 Power Snatch 95#/65# 20 Double Unders     Dont FORGET! Guest days this weekend! Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! bring a guest and show them

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