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Today is not my kind of workout and it’s a toss up of which I dislike more a 5k row or run.  Which will have more ice cream waiting for me when I’m done?  This video is one of my all time favorite workouts from the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Open.  As Many reps as possible in 6min 1 point for squat clean, and another for the jerk at 110#.  I finished in the top 100 in the world!  This is from the year I went to Regionals, back when ‘normal’ people could make it to Regionals, not just professional athletes.  It was also my second time competing after having a bout of food poisoning/evil bug, I don’t recommend it.

Today’s Workout:
Row a 5k or 5000m
Don’t worry, you’re in good hands today!  Former UC Davis Crew Team member, Coach Leslie will help you improve your technique and help you rock an important benchmark.  As much as this is not my kind of workout, it is definitely one you need to experience at least once in a lifetime.  If you need a little encouragement, put this race in your head.

My last night of coaching is Monday 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30pm!  I hope I get to scream at see you one last time!  After 6:30pm I’ll technically be ‘unemployed’ so I’ll have no need to get up early Tuesday if you catch my drift. Hint, hint, butt wink. 



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Alrighty, let the less than flattering videos begin! This was back when I thought all weightlifting was the same (powerlifitng vs Olympic lifting) and therefore wore my “weightlifting” shoes for deadlifting (powerlifting shoes vs olympic lifting shoes). This is the

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west TBT

April marks a year with the opening and addition of Bridger CrossFit West!!! look how far it has come since we took this picture last year! Thank you to all of our members, family and friends for all your support

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  Who has joined us for the Monthly Challenge at BCF.. The Month of April is 2500 Lunges! you can break them up how ever you need to, as long as you complete 2500 in a month! Coach KD while

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This picture is technically a screen shot of our original Bridger CrossFit blog on a “Fran” day.  The original background is no longer in place, so it looked different at the time it was ‘live’.  Note the badasses in the

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This is what happens at Bridger CrossFit Ladies night! Lots of smiles, laughs and great conversation! Come join us Friday April 25th from 5-7(ish) at Bridger CrossFit West for Shopping, Appitizers and FUN! WE will have vendors set up for

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  We are so sad to announce the loss of Bridger CrossFit’s “mascot” and “gym dog” Rusty. He went to Dog Heaven on Saturday April 5th due some very shocking news that he had a very fast spreading cancer. Rusty

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Matt, aka “KRUSH”, sets clean and jerk PR at 160#! After your workout today join at at Altitude Athletics (next to Diesel Pros) for their Spring Olympic lifting meet. Watch your fellow athletes and coaches compete in the Snatch and

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Oh my God, KD, look at her squat It is so big. [gasp] She looks like, One of those weightlifter’s girlfriends But, you know, who understands those weightlifter guys, anyway? They only talk to her, because, She looks like a

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  Can you believe this was nearly 2 years ago?!!! join us this year for “Memorial Day Murph” on Memorial Day 2014! Hope to see you there!!! Weighted ring Dips 5-5-3-3-1-1 then: 5 Rounds for Time of: 5 Power Cleans

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sometimes on wednesdays you feel like you need to just plant your face in the ground and take a little nap! with a weight on your back! ha ! Who else feels this way?!!!! Todays Workout: 10 Rounds for time

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Watch my friend, and former Bozemanite, Max Aita get his sumo-deadlift by Jesse Burdick. (Name dropping what….?) Today’s workout: Sumo Deadlift -then- 3x500m Max Effort Rows Make a full recovery in between


Josh rocking his new Elvis Duran in the morning show shirt at BCF!! he was posted on the website, click HERE to check it out! Thanks Josh!!! Todays Workout: push press 6@60%, 4@70%, 2@80% and 5 heavy singles (80% or

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  Todays Workout: 400M Run 3 Rounds of CTB Cindy (5 CTB pull-ups,10 Push ups& 10 air squats = 1 round) then 10 BW DL Rest 3min Complete three rounds